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web design client looking at increased sales imageThere are reasons why the websites created by some web page designers attract very little traffic while others are magnets for web traffic. Ineffective websites are typically plagued by poor design, or designers place way too much focus on the page layout and forget completely about the content. They are also difficult to navigate and even more difficult to read.

Websites designed by Selaris are created with a much different approach.  Our sites are "responsive", meaning they adapt appropriately to the device you are browsing with.  But that's just not enough.  We mix in website content writing services that help to create engaging website pages that speak well to humans, and Google, too.  This combination results in an increased page rank and higher user-engagement  - meaning visitors stay longer on the website, read more content and are more likely to respond.  "Content is king" around here, and we have the results to prove that. 

You also have the option of employing our proven programming capabilities to create cost-saving web applications to streamline your business. It's all possible at less cost than you might imagine and the benefits go straight to your bottom line.

Remember. There is a lot at stake when you choose a website design company.

Choosing the right web development company means you get the best return from your website, the one media option that works 24/7 and has virtually no geographical limitations. Put another way, your custom website works anywhere, anytime. Nothing else you can invest in offers the same reach or performance.

Don't complete your search for a website designer without contacting us online. For faster service, call us right now at 780-484-9944.

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