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Looking for an Edmonton website design company to help grow your business, generate more inquiries, and more revenue?

No problem, that's what we do.

There are reasons why the websites created by some Edmonton web page design firms attract very little traffic while others are magnets for traffic. Ineffective websites are typically plagued by poor design, or designers place way too much focus on the website design services and forget completely about the content and digital marketing.

These types of websites often lack an effective digital marketing strategy, are difficult to navigate, and even more difficult to read.

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Choosing website design by Selaris means you get a website that's inviting to read and navigate. That means visitors stay longer on the website, read more content and are more likely to respond.

Websites designed by Selaris, an Edmonton Web Design Company, are created with a much different approach that follows the current standards and best practices for 2020

Responsive Web Design is a must-have

Each of our sites is built with a "responsive" layout, meaning they adapt appropriately to the device you are browsing with.  

According to a trusted SEO blog, almost 60% of your web customers are searching on Google for goods and services with their mobile devices. You simply cannot ignore this. In fact, your website should be built on a modern framework such as WordPress, but more importantly, with a mobile-first approach to maximize how user-friendly it is.

The user experience offered through your website will determine how long your customers stay on your page. We focus on a few key principles when designing websites:

  • Keep it simple
  • Keep it clean
  • Make it easy to navigate
  • Load it full of great web content
  • Make it load fast

If your website is outdated, consider modernizing your web design and implementing an online marketing strategy so it aligns well with today's standards.

We build fast-loading websites

Visitors will not stick around for a slow-loading website. In addition, Google will recognize that your website offers a poor user experience. You can expect to get penalized for this.

The websites developed by Selaris are built upon popular frameworks and are hosted on state-of-the-art web servers, designed to provide the best performance. But that's not the only reason why your website will load fast and perform well.

We spend the necessary (and quite often, extra) time to test, fine-tune, test again, tweak, test yet again...

You get the point. You also get a super-fast responsive website that outperforms your competitors in the Google search results.

Website speed and performance are often scored on a 0-100 scale. We aim to deliver websites that load in the 85% percentile or greater. This will enable your website to load quickly on all major devices and desktop computers.

Tools of the Trade

One of the goals of most website design projects is to streamline the development process and maximize the efficiency of ongoing maintenance.  WordPress is by far one of the easier tools to use for non-technical people.  It also makes it so easy to implement an online marketing strategy for your business.  That's why Selaris is one of the many website design firms that use it.

According to an article on the Ultimate List of Blogging Statistics for 2020, 39% of all websites are built using WordPress in 2020.  It's hard to ignore its popularity, and because of this stat, many 3rd party developers create "plugins" that can easily enhance its core foundation with additional features and functions that would take a custom web developer many more hours to create.

Another added benefit of WordPress is how easy e-Commerce becomes when your business sells goods and services online in Canada. 

Good web content and SEO makes your website work better

We mix in SEO (search engine optimization) and website content writing services to help create engaging web pages that speak well to humans, and Google, too. This results in an increased page rank and higher user-engagement - meaning visitors:

  • stay longer on the website
  • read more content
  • are more likely to respond

"Content is king" around here, and we have the results to prove that.  Ask us about the top-ranking Edmonton family law firm clients we've worked with, and how our content development and online marketing services have transformed their businesses with a steady stream of leads and sales.

You also have the option of employing our proven programming capabilities to create cost-saving web applications to streamline your business. It's all possible at less cost than you might imagine and the benefits go straight to your bottom line.

Remember. There is a lot at stake when you choose a website developer.

Choosing the right web developers means you get the best return from your website, the one media option that works 24/7 and has virtually no geographical limitations. Put another way, your website works anywhere, anytime.

Here's the straight truth: nothing else you can invest in offers the same reach or performance.

Don't complete your search for a website designer without contacting us online. For faster service, call us right now at 780-484-9944.

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