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''We're saving 8 hours of paperwork per patient''

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screen shot of Paperless Charting System for Edmonton Physiotherapy Clinic

Custom web application for rehabilitation centre cuts costs, improves data access and simplifies reporting

ReMed Rehabilitation is an Edmonton based rehabilitation centre that provides comprehensive rehabilitation programs for the public, Employers, Insurers and Lawyers. The company is staffed by experienced rehabilitation professionals who are experts in the delivery of evidence-based care that helps individuals overcome injuries. 

The Challenge

Replace the existing Electronic Medical Record System with a new custom web app that streamlines operations and centralizes data access.   The existing infrastructure consisted of an Excel spreadsheet to perform some common calculations/functions on patient test data.  Otherwise, paper and pencil was the answer.

Top Objective

Develop a custom database system consisting of many time saving tasks, as well as a custom FCE charting module (Functional Capacity Evaluation) that enabled the company's therapists to collect and enter patient test data on the fly and perform many complex calculations automatically.    

Other Objectives

  • Data centralization for easy access
  • Reduction of paper usage throughout the clinic
  • Streamline the entire patient process and focus on time savings from patient intake to final reporting

Results as reported by client Jennifer Dunn of ReMed

  • Faster and easier retrieval of patient charts as files are no longer misplaced or lost
  • No longer necessary to flip a chart to find a report
  • Fast report creation makes it possible to intake more patients and keep prices low
  • Entire team can view a chart at one time
  • Therapist can work from multiple locations
  • Increased confidentiality  

The Numbers Tell All

  • Use of common office supplies, such as ink cartridges and paper, cut by up to 75%
  • Faster report creation - brief reports take 20 minutes less and comprehensive reports can be completed up to 8 hours faster than in the past
  • A single click of the mouse is all it takes to produce an accurate, up-to-the-minute report that once took many, many hours to manually complete.

Building on Success

We thank ReMed for giving us this opportunity to build a web app that solved their data management problems and look forward to helping ReMed achieve even more success in the years to come.

"We've reduced our use of common office supplies, such as ink cartridges and paper, all by up to 75%" - Jennifer Dunn, ReMed

monitor showing the custom developed electronic medical record

It's no secret - Jennifer's a very happy and satisfied customer! Here's what she has to say about her electronic clinic software:

  • Our admin staff are saving time pulling charts each day and filing happens with improved ease and efficiency
  • We've reduced the time spent looking for mis-filed charts
  • Each chart can be seen by the entire team at once, therefore improving ease of access to the data
  • We've reduced our use of common office supplies, such as ink cartridges and paper, all by up to 75%.
  • We now have very organized charts - we no longer have to flip through the chart to find a report
  • Our ability to run reports has significantly reduced the time involved in reporting, allowing us to increase our intakes and keep our pricing lower.
  • This program promotes standardization for our clinic so reports have the same flow and information content.
  • This allows our therapists to work from multiple locations and still have access to their chart
  • There is more confidentiality with charts not being left out.

Get an inside look at the ReMed Electronic Medical Record Program.

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