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4 Things to Consider When Hiring a Web Designer

In 2020, your business' online presence is essential, and can no longer be approached merely as a marketing tactic. A website should define the company and accurately reflect the mission and vision behind the brand. 

A well-designed website is needed if you want your business to drive traffic and reach your target audience.

It can be a daunting task to choose the best web designer who will build your online empire from scratch, especially considering how the design makes a significant impact on user experience. When done correctly, it can garner more sales and have higher conversion rates, while poor design can lead to visitors bouncing off to a different site.

To that end, below are some essential factors you need to consider when hiring a web designer.

1. Clear Goals 

photo of a motivational message about setting clear goals to achieve successYou first need to know what you want to say about the website and what you want to accomplish.

Whether you are starting from scratch or revising the look of your old website will change how a web designer will approach your needs.

Before that, you will need to identify your goals and compile a list of features and requirements your website must have to give developers a clear idea of the scope of your website. 

2. A Robust Portfolio 

It's more than making promises, as it all boils down to establishing proof that they can deliver. Any good designer should have an extensive web design portfolio that showcases their previous work, and it's best if you sift through it and find specific examples that would reflect the scope of work your company is desiring.

This is also an easy way to spot if the potential web designer you are considering is flexible enough to cater to different styles without compromising on quality and if they can combine both form and functionality in their designs.

It's even better if the web designer provides case studies that streamline the process of their work, which promotes transparency and confidence in their portfolio. 

3. Experience in Your Industry 

A web designer who has experience creating websites for businesses in your industry is essential as they will have a better understanding of your goals and will know the right elements needed to meet your expectations.

They will also have the advantage of experience, wherein they can provide insight on specific strategies that will work for you, especially when they can see what your company is aiming for when it comes to its clientele.

If you're looking for a website designer that will deliver high-quality output, hiring someone with experience in your line of work would be like hitting a gold mine. 

For example, Selaris has had success in working with clients in many different industries, but the experience we've gained by developing websites for law firms in Alberta has opened many new opportunities for our business to grow.

The experience and knowledge we've gained over the years have given us a thorough understanding of how to increase the page ranking of law firm websites, attract new leads and convert those leads into new files. 

4. Transparent Web Design Process 

Having a clear overview of the web designer's process can ensure that goals and deadlines can be met without many hitches. Establishing transparency between your company and the web designer or agency will help you set a timeline for major projects, so you can follow the process and make approvals or changes along the way.

Without a process, your project may be pushed back and cause a delayed launch. However, keeping you and your web designer's timetable in check can help ensure quality results that match your taste. 

If you're looking for a web design company in Edmonton that is focused on delivering results for your business, get in touch with us today by calling our office at (780) 484-9944, or submitting an inquiry through our Contact Us page.

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