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Simple Ways to Generate New Leads Using Your Website

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When it comes to building a brand, the website is one of the essential parts of the whole process. The site is where people interact with your business on the internet, which means that it needs to be explicitly designed to serve its intended purpose.

Lead generation is one of the most overlooked benefits of a business website, so if you're looking to build a site that can generate new customers, you should be working with a web design agency that knows how to deliver results in the following areas.

Build a Foundation Through Brand Awareness

The first thing you need to do when you're looking to generate leads through your website is to make sure that people know about your brand and how you can help their business. You need to establish a clear message on your website that effectively communicates your focus, experience and expertise.

In most cases, people are more willing to work with an established company with rich experience, which is why you should start by raising awareness for your brand in the general market.

Present the Value of Your Business

It's not enough to tell people about the services you can provide, as that won't be enough to capture the attention of your audience and get them to work with you. For this reason, it's crucial that you show visitors the value you can offer their business based on how you've helped similar companies. People are more likely to work with a web design company that has delivered services to a similar company and experienced success in working together.

When people understand the value of your experience and expertise, it becomes easier to secure new leads.

Create Trust for Your Brand

Generating leads will only happen if you can present a high level of credibility and trust.  No one wants to be duped out of their money by a shady company, which is why you need to prove that you are a legitimate business, rich with experience and backed with a solid reputation.

Use testimonials and trust badges to emphasize what people are saying about your company and what you have done for them.  Encourage the use of Google reviews and make sure you share your reviews with potential leads.  

Take every opportunity you can to emphasize what's great about you and your business!

Optimize the Calls to Action for Lead Generation

Your website should entice people to take the intended actions to become a new lead. For this reason, the CTA (calls to action) should be as visible and placed strategically to make people want to take them.

An effective call to action uses words that relate to what the visitor wants.  Imagine the difference in results for a travel website using the following two calls to action - which would perform better?

  • "Click Here"
  • "Book Your Flight"

Understanding the intention of your audience is critical with calls to action.

The second example above would likely generate more buzz since people on a travel website have the intention of booking flights for travel. Choose your words carefully, and if done correctly, your chances of landing new leads will increase substantially.

If you're looking for a web design agency in Edmonton that has years of experience building websites that generate a steady stream of new leads, get in touch with Selaris today.  You can reach us online, or by phone at (780) 484-9944 for an initial consultation.

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