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Top Qualities of a Good Website Designer

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Today, having a functional website is not enough to win over seasoned web users. You need to know how to make an appealing website that will keep users visually engaged the moment they click on your site. This is very crucial to your business as you may lose a large number of customers simply by having a poor web design. 

If you want to make sure that your website is engaging enough to keep your customers around, then hiring a website designer is one option to consider. This article will outline the most important things to look for in a good web designer.

Solid General Experience

Once you start doing some research on your potential web designers, you may find that there are numerous agencies in your area to choose from. However, you cannot just pick one randomly. It is imperative that you dig deeper into the company. 

Find out how long they have been operating, how big the company is, and whether they have had any experience working with businesses similar to yours. Out of everything that you should look for, the company's experience is the most important. Make sure that you get all this information right off the bat so that you know all your needs will be met. 

Education and Technical Experience

While it is common knowledge that all professional web designers should be well-versed in various design programs and techniques, it is still something that you should ask them upfront. Web design principles have to be learned, as they are not always innate. 

Consider asking your web designer the following questions:

  • Please share your education history and other ways you have evolved your skillset throughout your career
  • Do you stay on top of changes in the industry trends and implement best practices for SEO, site design, and organic growth of the website?

Their answers to these questions should indicate whether they will make for a good business partner.

Drive and Creativity

In addition to experience and skills, a good website designer needs to have the passion and creative abilities to create a product that is both accessible and outstanding. While simplicity is always good, you still want your customers to be blown away with your web design.

This is why you need a web designer who understands how to pursue creative opportunities and how to think outside of the box.  Your web designer should always follow industry standards and position you for success, but there is nothing wrong with testing their creative limits to help you stand out. Otherwise, you will end up with a website that looks like every other website out there.

Solid Understanding of SEO Principles

Designing a website with SEO in mind is crucial to the success of your website. 

If you work with a web designer that understands SEO and how to implement the important SEO elements into a website, you're far better off than you might think.  

illustration of a chart for a content strategy, important for the success of a website that is designed by a web designer than understands SEO and how to implement an SEO campaign for a website

Web designers at Selaris create websites that:

  • Rank high in Google's search results
  • Offer informative content that drives readership
  • Encourages return visits

Wouldn't you like a website that excels on each of those three points?

Excellent Communication Skills

Let's face it, without good communication, you won't succeed with anyone in any role.  Working with a web designer that communicates effectively allows you to convey your ideas with some assurance that they will be addressed within the work you've hired them to do.  Web designers that fail in the communication department often ask too many unnecessary questions, leave out important details that you've requested, and end up delivering an end product that you're not happy with.

Final Notes

To find the right web designer for your business, you need to understand your needs as a company first.  The web designer you choose should be able to deliver exactly what you have in mind. Be sure to collect feedback from the designer about the type of design you are seeking.

From the outset of your website project, it's important to communicate the goals of your website effectively and reinforce the goals at various stages in the project.This will help the web designer create a website that truly fits with for your organization.

If you're looking for a web designer in Edmonton, contact Selaris today and ask us what we would do with your website to set you apart from the rest.  Hint: create a modern site that results in traffic, leads and sales.

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