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Emotion-driven web design - what it is and why it works

In one way or another, all businesses have an emotionally-driven proposition. This makes your business more relatable. Now, take that proposition and apply it to your site, and you'll get an emotion-driven website.

illustration of a man pointing to the words Know Your Customer, an important aspect of building a website and writing content that generates leads, converts leads to sales, and helps your business growWhy is it essential for your website to appeal to your audience's emotions? Do you still need to do it even if your products and services are too technical to be associated with emotions?
True enough, it's easier to create an emotion-driven website for topics and services like childcare, and pet care, charities, and personal development.

Even beauty and fashion retail stores can appeal to customers emotionally. Companies that offer heavy equipment or technical software, for instance, may find it a challenge to associate emotions with the way they showcase themselves online.

However, time and again, emotion-driven initiatives have proven to play a significant role in a company's growth. This is why businesses have CSR (corporate social responsibility) projects.

When it comes to website design and development, no matter how technical your products and services are, it's vital to understand that users tend to look at things logically and emotionally at the same time. This is why you should design for the head and heart.

Designing for the Head and Heart

Every time a buyer purchases from a small or medium business, it boils down to either a rational or emotional need - sometimes both. This is why web designers have changed the way they develop websites, by tapping into customer's emotions to increase success.

Even if it isn't prioritized, there should still be a message that appeals to customers in a personal manner. To understand it better, here are some of the benefits of creating an emotionally-driven website:

1. You can anticipate the response of the user

When you design with your customers' emotion in mind, you can develop a user-centric website, which elicits an emotional reaction from the user. You can design your website as a response to how your customer might respond.

For instance, are they going to want to buy after reading a portion of the page's content? Then you should add a call-to-action button right after that portion. Professionally written web content is a huge difference-maker in how well your website communicates and relates to your customers.

2. Emotion-driven website design appeals to customers

To appeal to customers emotionally, the website needs to be clear, intuitive, and easy to use - all of which are key characteristics of great web design. When designing your website, you want to exude clarity and comfort, not confusion and chaos. As a result, you'll have a user-friendly website.

3. It makes it easier to be consistent

When you focus on particular emotions to appeal to, you can design your website with those particular emotions in mind. So, all the elements, such as colours, images, and typography, can be chosen based on those emotions. In the end, you'll have a website design with elements that form a singular message and appeal.

4. It boosts retention

When customers feel strongly about your website, they will eventually remember it and go back to your website. That is the case if you've effectively and positively appealed to them. It is crucial to carefully look into the emotions that your website may be tugging because you don't want to be remembered by customers negatively.

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