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Actionable Tips to Keep Your Website Feeling Fresh and Modern in 2021

Website design trends and styles change very quickly. 

A website that was created a few years ago and has not been updated since can already look archaic, especially when compared to modern websites designed in 2021.

This is because most web design trends from two to three years ago have already been trampled upon by new and more advanced ones. 

Furthermore, with mobile searches continuously dominating the number of searches performed by users, it is essential that every business adapts it's website regularly with new web design tweaks, fresh web content, and SEO.

photo of a paintbrush painting a wall, modernizing the look of a space, similar to redesigning and modernizing a website for 2019

Sometimes, all you need is a fresh coat of paint for everything to look new again. 

How long has it been since you revamped your website? It's possible that some or all your competitors already have an advantage over you.

If you want to stay ahead of the competition in 2021, you should hire a web designer that knows how to make a modernized website, and will implement important web design best practices.

Here are some actionable tips you can use right now to modernize your website.

Deliver an Exceptional User Experience

image of a man using a laptop, intently reading a website with professional website content writing

Engagement is an essential aspect of any form of online marketing.

You need to catch the attention of readers and get them to do something with your content. More often than not, the best way to do this is to help them focus on the essential parts of your content and website.

Spend time focusing on the search intent of your audience and potential customers.  What information are they looking for, and have you been able to provide that information?  Pack your content full of value, and do it better than your competitors.

Lessen distractions and clutter to help your audience find what they need quickly.  One effective way to reduce clutter is to add lots of white space around design elements in your web pages.

If your website is too cluttered for your audience's liking, they might decide to leave your site, especially if it takes them a while to find the information they're seeking.  You may need to consider modernizing your website with a contemporary website design.

Adapt to the Mobile Demand

photo of a woman using a mobile device to browse the internet, which is the more common method of browsing in the modern era

Over half of all browsing sessions are taking place on a mobile device (source). 

Most online users today use their mobile devices to browse the web. So, your website needs to be accessible and functional in both desktop and mobile browsers - this is called a "responsive website". 

Selaris develops websites with a mobile-first approach and adds a desktop interface as an afterthought.  This is a more modern approach to website design.

Talk to your web designer to ensure your pages are mobile-friendly, designed to load fast and all images have been properly resized and optimized.  Images that are too large will slow down your page load times, which could have a negative effect on your ranking in the SERPs (search engine results pages).  Addressing each of these areas will ensure a positive browsing experience.

You can check the speed and mobile-friendliness of your website by checking Google Pagespeed Insights.

On the topic of page speed, Google announced in 2018 that it includes mobile page speed as one of their ranking factors. This is in response to the continuously growing mobile usage and traffic.

Immerse Users by Providing Exceptional Value in Your Content

photo of a couple fully engaged in their movie, symbolic of how an effective website can keep users attention with great website pages filled with valuable website content and images

It's essential to get your audience engaged in your content, just like these two are in their movie. 

Video content, for instance, has been proven to increase engagement and eventually, conversion rates. However, as more and more businesses use video for their marketing efforts, the web has become saturated with this kind of content. 

Nowadays, businesses need to strive for more than just likes and shares. You need to build some form of community that will make people feel valued. Your website should be easy to understand and also actively encourage the audience to take action towards your products and services.

Creating an interactive and modernized website is one way to establish both engagement and immersion. However, it's vital that all the technical aspects of an interactive website are prioritized. Loading speed and layout are two very important areas to focus on when designing a modern website.

Add Easy-to-use Navigation for Mobile and Desktop Users

photo of three clear paths that could be used to go certain directions, symbolic of using a website with easy to use navigation which makes it easier to find what you are looking for

Providing clear paths for your users will help them navigate your website effortlessly. 

Congrats!  You've managed to acquire traffic to your website.  Retain your visitors by making your website easy to navigate.  This will create a more interactive website where visitors read more of your website's content.

Your visitors will not waste their time if they have trouble navigating around your website.  This is why it's very important to implement a straightforward, easy-to-use navigation menu to your website for BOTH mobile and desktop visitors.  

When your web traffic hits your landing page from the search results, you have little time to capture the interest of the visitor.  One of the most important design elements of your website is the menu navigation.

If your website is built using WordPress, there are several menu navigation plugins available that will make this very easy to complete.  

Organize your website using a common-sense approach that your audience is sure to understand, and you'll start seeing your page views increase.

Try Animation

illustration of circular animated bubbles, a creative way to animate a website page to attract attention

Intriguing, entertaining, and catchy animations can help improve the user experience on your website.

A carefully planned, designed, and created animation can take your audience along a fun journey that's also informative and productive to the process of selling your services.

If you're looking for a web design service in Edmonton, or interested in getting that fresh coat of paint for your website, get in touch with us today or request a quote online.

We want to help you modernize your website, or create a brand new contemporary website design that results in traffic & conversions.

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